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Delphi jest wizualnym rodowiskiem programistycznym typu RAD dla programistw aplikacji i rozwiza bazodanowych. Pozwala na szybkie tworzenie wydajnych i atwych w utrzymaniu aplikacji

Delphi® - Delphi 2010 What's New

Radically reduce development time

Everything in the Delphi development environment is designed to help you get your job done fast and right the first time. Delphi 2010 adds even more time saving IDE coding features and improves on many existing features to help you code and develop faster than ever:

  • IDE Insight for instant access to all IDE features, settings and components "at your fingertips" without searching through menus and dialogs
  • Integrated Code Formatter automates consistent coding styles with less work
  • Revamped Search and File Reopen to find the information you need faster
  • Debug Data Visualizers make sense from cryptic debug data by displaying in easy to read formats such as strings, date and time values
  • Debug Thread Control for freezing, thawing and isolating threads; and setting breakpoints for selected threads so you can track down problems faster
  • New Debugger Options: "Scroll new events into view" and "Ignore non-user breakpoints"
  • New introductory Code Audits and Metrics in Delphi Professional for better understanding code and project health; full set of audits and metrics in Enterprise and Architect
  • Checkbox for Boolean types in the Object Inspector, greatly enhancing readability
  • Support for Windows Imaging Component (WIC) including JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG, BMP and HD Photo image formats. RAW camera formats (such as NRW, NEF, CRW, CR2, RW2, ARW, SR2, SRF, ORF, PEF and DNG) also supported with manufacturer supplied codecs
  • Updated look and feel for modeling diagrams
  • Property Editors for Date properties now use Calendar controls
  • Improved search features in the editor with Find tab integration
  • Added capabilities and configuration to the File | Reopen menu
  • Expanded and enhanced documentation

Free your customers from keyboards

Rapidly build touch based GUI, tablet, touchpad, and kiosk applications or easily upgrade existing applications UIs with little or no additional coding.

  • Integrated gesturing framework with multi-OS support for Windows 7, Vista, XP, and 2000
  • Gesture Designer enables full control of all gesture design and interaction
  • Gesture components (TGestureListView, TGesturePreview, TGestureRecorder) to build gesture creation and management into VCL applications
  • Interactive multi-touch gestures for panning, zooming and rotating (requires multi-touch enabled OS)
  • TTouchKeyboard a virtual keyboard for enhanced non-keyboard interface interactions that supports multiple locales and languages
  • Fine grained control over touch and gesturing behavior in your apps - Form, Container, and Control level control
  • Compatible with both touch-enabled hardware or traditional input (ie Mouse)
  • Integrated support for both touch and multi-touch interfaces in the base VCL
  • 30+ standard gestures for panning, zooming, rotating and more
  • Pluggable gesture engine architecture - use VCL, Windows, or your own custom recognizers

Make the connection with data and apps

With Delphi 2010 you'll make the connection with more data, more Web Services, and more application architectures

  • New Firebird 2.1 and 1.5 support in dbExpress
  • Updated dbExpress drivers for InterBase 2009, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Oracle 11g and MySQL 5.1
  • Take advantage of Web Services functionality from Amazon and others with new SOAP 1.2 client support
  • HTTP communication and in-process connectivity for DataSnap multi-tier applications
  • DataSnap callbacks enable servers to communicate with clients
  • Filtering allows for complete control over the data stream between clients and DataSnap servers
  • New DataSnap wizards from the Object Gallery to make server creation even easier
  • Participate in popular application architectures with REST and JSON values support in DataSnap

Reach more user desktops

Support more Windows desktops without worrying about the specific Windows API details of each version and support users worldwide with Unicode throughout the development environment and improved language support.

  • Theme Aware - VCL controls are optimized to take advantage of the theming capabilities of XP, Vista and Windows 7
  • Fully Unicode enabled throughout to seamlessly handle worldwide data, databases, and user interfaces
  • Touch and gesture enable apps on Windows XP and Vista including multi-touch support in Windows 7
  • New Virtual Touch keyboard for embedding into applications
  • Access New Windows 7 APIs, including Direct2D that allows easier rendering, better performance, and excellent quality output
  • Expanded Open Tools API for building plug-ins to the Delphi IDE that give finer control over tabs functions and code editing features like code folding
  • Easily switch between English, German, French and Japanese translations for IDE menus and dialogs, compiled units, resources, and source code

Code and compile like never before

Delphi 2010 includes new RTTI support and new compiler and language enhancements

  • RTTI support for exposure of Methods, Fields, and Properties to support dynamic invocations and increase reflection capabilities
  • Enhanced Object-oriented file and directory IO classes for simplified file processing
  • Custom attribute support for most code elements - types, fields, properties, methods and parameters
  • Enhanced TStringBuilder for easier and faster string concatenation and manipulation
  • Enhanced generics with full RTL list and collection support
  • Background compilation so you can continue working while you compile

More data modeling power in Delphi 2010 Architect

Delphi 2010 Architect edition includes new ER/Studio 8.0 Developer Edition to help users discover, document, and re-use data assets and gives you the power to easily reverse-engineer, analyze, and optimize databases. New ER/Studio features include:

  • Visual Data Lineage - Visually analyze and document how data flows through your organization without needing to inspect code
  • Attribute-level Submodeling - Choose which attributes/columns to include in the entities/tables in the submodel and also describe submodels on the new Definition tab, then create queries to search on the definitions
  • Object-level Compare Flags - Indicate intentional discrepancies when comparing models that the Compare Wizard should ignore
  • Produce reports in HTML format
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 support