Rozwizanie do szybkiego tworzenia natywnych aplikacji Windows

Delphi jest wizualnym rodowiskiem programistycznym typu RAD dla programistw aplikacji i rozwiza bazodanowych. Pozwala na szybkie tworzenie wydajnych i atwych w utrzymaniu aplikacji

Delphi® - Product Editions

Delphi Professional

Delphi 2010 Professional is designed for developers building high-performance desktop GUI and touch-screen applications with (or without) embedded and local database persistence. Delphi 2010 Professional's ability to generate fast single exe Windows applications with rich user experiences makes it especially well suited for ISVs building highly-graphical "packaged" Windows applications that seamlessly support an array of Windows versions without modification. Features include:

  • Local database connectivity to InterBase®, Blackfish™ SQL and MySQL
  • Blackfish SQL deployment on systems with 1 user, 512MB database size
  • VCL for the Web with limit of 5 connections
  • UML code visualization, providing a visual representation of source code for easier understanding

Delphi Enterprise

Delphi 2010 Enterprise is designed for developers building rich, data-oriented client/server and multi-tier GUI and Web applications that work seamlessly with a wide variety of database servers and data sources. Delphi Enterprise's high-performance heterogeneous database server support is ideal for multi-vendor database server scenarios, or building turnkey applications that can work with a wide array of database servers. Delphi Enterprise includes everything in the Professional edition, plus the following for building client/server and multi-tier database and Web applications:

  • Database server connectivity to InterBase, Blackfish SQL, Firebird, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Informix and Sybase
  • DataSnap multi-tier application development
  • Blackfish SQL deployment on systems with 5 users, 2GB database size
  • VCL for the Web with no connection limit
  • Full two-way UML modeling capabilities with multiple diagram types, synchronization between code and models, documentation generation, and design patterns

Delphi Architect

Delphi 2010 Architect is designed for developers and teams building data-intensive client/server GUI and Web applications with large or complex enterprise database systems. Delphi Architect combines data-driven rapid application development and heterogeneous high-speed data access with rich visual data modeling to help developers understand, design, and get the most value out of existing enterprise databases and data structures. Delphi Architect includes everything in the Enterprise edition plus powerful database modeling and design capabilities:

  • Reverse-engineer, analyze, and optimize databases
  • Automatically generate database code from models for forward engineering
  • Create logical and physical models based on information extracted from databases and script files
  • Work with highly readable and navigable diagrams
  • Advanced compare and merge with bidirectional comparisons and merges of model and database structures